Our Data


We’ve got a lot of data on Kickstarter projects. Like… a lot of data. Our most recent round of infographics was made with the following information about Kickstarter projects last sampled on Sept. 6, 2012.

Here’s a snapshot of the data. You can view/download the whole spreadsheet here.

Download the entire spreadsheet here.

 Want even more data? Check out past data sets:

3 thoughts on “Our Data

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  3. Bryan white says:

    A friend of mine and I have a project that he claims would change one sector of recycling dramatically, he got a sour taste on getting outside funding because he was convinced the people he once was trying to get his funding from were only trying to get enough info from him to cut him out and go foreword without paying him anything. He has shelved the idea and although I don’t know all the specifics do believe he has a viable plan. I’ve talked with him and have him thinking of going ahead with building a small scale working machine. He told me to see if I can get potential investors and if I can that he would try it again. Bryan white

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